Richard Shelter was an integral part of the South Florida punk rock scene. Musician, road manager, promoter, media mogul. Moved to Miami in 1978, started hanging out on the punk scene, playing in a cover band called Sluggo. Later started promoting local shows in clubs, starting with the legendary 27 Birds club. Brought the Gun Club to town, Black Flag, the Minutemen, the Dream Syndicate, among many others. Later went on tour all over the country with the final line-up of the Eggs, 48 gigs and the Route 33 sessions in Minneapolis in 110 days, in the dead of winter in 1984-85---Richard lined up the gigs, dealt with the promoters, etc etc. came back to Miami and promoted shows at the Cameo Theater. He moved to California around 1986, and now runs a ticket brokerage in Los Angeles.

Like Jimmy Johnson, Richard kept EVERYTHING from back in the day, and he's been incredibly generous with Trashfever. He brought a large box of flyers, press kits, unused tickets, photographs, newspaper articles, etc. with him in January when he came to town for the Sheila Witkin Memorial Reunion Concert, and we scanned it ALL. Amazing stuff, and lots of it.

Thank you, Richard, for all you did for the music.

Charlie Pickett 110 Day Tour 1984-85


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