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A Word About Capitalism

MUCH MORE south florida rawk to come.

Bar Band Americanus cd
Psycho Daisies - Return From Blood Island

Psycho Daisies celebrate their 25th anniversary as a band with their first new studio album in five years, Return From Blood Island. The Daisies featured on the new album are Johnny Salton-guitars/Billy Ritchie-keyboards/Jill Kahn-bass/Lisa Nash-vocals/Robert Johnston-drums.

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Bar Band Americanus cd
Bar Band Americanus - The Best of Charlie Pickett And

This disc is a powerful reminder of the ways music can move you; how music can express your sadness, regret, joy, love of life, desperation, true love, longing, and everything in-between. This disc is an in-your-face statement of American individuality, while at the same time confirming that the Eggs were a real band.

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Psycho Daisies Welcome to Nowhere cd
Psycho Daisies - Welcome to Nowhere

This is a rough-and-ready document of a great band. And with nine previously-unheard originals, you can get a fairly good idea what a second album by the original lineup would've sounded like, from the introspection of "I Can't Waste No Time" and "An Axe To Grind" to the Bo Diddley rave-up "I Went Walking." This is truly a proud moment....our FIRST review!!!

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Pat Johnson w-Charlie Pickett cd-dvd
Pat Johnson and Charlie Pickett
Live at the Globe Coffee Lounge

Lurch Records in conjunction with and with the kind permission of presents Pat Johnson and Charlie Pickett recorded LIVE at the Globe Coffee Lounge, St Petersburg, FL on 9/3/05. Pat Johnson plays a solo acoustic set and is then joined by Charlie Pickett, Hugh Williams, Bob Anthony, and Natty Moss-Bond for a VERY electric set.
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Psycho Daisies' back catalog
Lurch Records is also proud to announce that we are the official manufacturers and designers of the Psycho Daisies' back catalog. Go to and click on "Buy" to purchase these special edition cds for $12.50 each.
• Pushin' Up Daisies
• Sonicly Speaking
• 30 Milligrams of Your Love

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