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(L-R) Dave Froshnider-guitar, vox, Marco Pettit-bass, vox,
Charlie Pickett-guitar, slide guitar, vox, Johnny "Sticks" Galway-drums, vox
WITH Richard Shelter-road manager

Oct. 19-20
Flynn's, Miami Beach, FL
Oct. 26 Reality Kitchen, Gainesville, FL
Oct. 27 FSU, Tallahassee opening for Joe King Carrasco
Nov. 3 Charlie guests on three songs with the Chant, Flynns, Miami Beach, FL
Nov. 7 Hanging out in Stuart, FL
Nov. 6 Playpen South, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Nov. 7 Hanging out in Stuart, FL
Nov. 8 Travel to Tallahassee, FL
Nov. 9-10 Smitty's Roadhouse, Tallahassee, FL
Nov. 11 Reality Kitchen, Gainesville, FL
Nov. 12 Hanging out in Greenville at Johnny Sticks' parents' house
Nov. 13 Travel to NYC
Nov. 14-15 Hanging out in NYC
Nov. 16 CBGBs, NYC opening for the Raunch Hands
Nov. 17 Marble Bar, Baltimore
Nov. 18-19 Hanging out in Baltimore/travel to Greenville
Nov. 20-22 Travel/hang out in Greenville/travel to Savannah
Nov. 23 Night Flight, Savannah, GA ("The club was next to a canal in Savannah, and the people who ran the club had a 'band house', an actual house where the bands would stay"-Richard)
Nov. 24 College Station Park, Clemson, SC (3 sets)
Nov. 25 12th and Porter, Nashville, TN
Nov. 26 Travel to Ann Arbor, MI
Nov. 27 Joe's Star Lounge, Ann Arbor
("Charlie always did well at Joe's."-Richard)
Nov. 28 West End Club, Lincoln Park, IL
Nov. 29 Creighton University, Omaha, NE
Nov. 30/Dec. 1 7th St. Entry, Minneapolis (11/30 broadcast live on KFAI, Minneapolis radio)
Dec. 2-3 Hanging out in Minneapolis
Dec. 4 O'Cayz Corral, Madison, WI
Dec. 5 The Landing, Milwaukee
Dec. 6 Travel/stop in Chicago/travel
Dec. 7 The Jockey Club, Newport, KY
Dec. 8 Paychecks, Detroit ("Charlie was getting airplay on Detroit radio, but the promoter didn't do his job, so there wasn't much of a crowd."--Richard. Charlie and Johnny Sticks listened to Richard argue with the promoter, who wanted to pay the band less than the guarantee).
Dec. 9 Joe's Star Lounge, Ann Arbor, MI
Dec. 10 LMNOP, Lexington ("This was an art space in a storefront"--Richard)
Dec. 11-13 Hanging out in Lexington/travel
Dec. 14 The Drumstick, Lincoln, NE
with Charlie Burton
Dec. 15 The Art Department, Denver
Dec. 16 Hanging out in Denver
Dec. 17 Madhouse, Denver with Zozobra
Dec. 18 Travel to LA
Dec. 21 Music Machine, LA opening for The Dickies
Dec. 22 Shelter's birthday
Dec. 22-27 Hanging out in LA (wrecked van on 12/26?)
Dec. 28 Club Lingerie, LA
opening for The Knitters and Dwight Yoakam
Dec. 29 Dirty Momma's, Las Vegas, NV
Dec. 30 Travel
Dec. 31-Jan 4 Hanging out in LA
Jan. 5 Oscar's, Santa Barbara, CA, opening for Rank & File
Jan. 6 Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA
Jan. 7 The I-Beam, San Francisco
opening for The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Jan. 8 Hanging out at hotel in San Francisco
Jan. 9-10 Travel/hanging out in LA/travel
Jan. 11 Wrex Records/Bar, Tucson, AZ, Opening for Naked Prey
Jan. 12 Vivian's, Phoenix, AZ
Opening for the Minutemen
Jan. 13 (2 shows) Mason Jar, Phoenix opening for Broken Bones and Battalion Of Saints (this is the gig where it was a total hardcore punk rock crowd, and they were NOT digging the Eggs, so Charlie and co. did a wailing feedback version of "Waiting For The Man" that was about 12 minutes long...)
Jan. 14 Travel
Jan. 15 The Bowery, Oklahoma City with The Flaming Lips ("The Bowery was a converted church, with stained-glass windows"--Richard)
Jan. 16 Travel
Jan. 17 Howard Street, Omaha, NE
Jan. 18 Travel to Minneapolis ("It was cold as hell, the van had very little heat, and we were all huddled around the front where the heat was."--Richard)
Jan. 19-27 Route 33 sessions, Minneapolis
Jan. 28 Uptown Lounge, Minneapolis with the Mighty Mofos (Charlie later covered the Mofos' "Mindreader" onstage)
Jan. 29-31 Route 33 sessions, Minneapolis
Feb. 1 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis
Feb. 2 Uptown Bar, Minneapolis with the Mighty Mofos
Feb. 3 hanging out in Minneapolis/travel
Feb. 4 O'Cayz Corral, Madison
Feb. 5 The Landing, Milwaukee
Feb. 6 West End Club, Lincoln Park, IL
Feb. 7 Joe's Star Lounge, Ann Arbor (iIm guessing THIS is the gig where Charlie "went off" on Dave Frosh onstage. Could also be the night Bloodshot honcho Rob Miller saw the Eggs)
Feb. 8 Hanging out in Ann Arbor with the Groove Biscuits/travel
Feb. 9 Star Nightclub, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Feb. 10 Charlie travels to Minneapolis,
band returns to Ann Arbor
Feb. 11-14 Charlie in the studio working on Route 33, band hanging out with the Groove Biscuits in Ann Arbor (Charlie--"the Groove Biscuits place was horrible!")
Feb. 15 LMNOP, Lexington
Feb. 16 Jockey Club, Newport, KY
Feb. 17-18 Hanging out in Newport, KY
Feb. 19 Vic & Bills, Knoxville, TN
Feb. 20 Travel to Greenville, hang out with Sticks' parents
Feb. 21 The Beat, Columbia, S.C.
Feb. 22 Metroplex, Atlanta ("A big, 2-story warehouse, you could back the van up directly to the back of the stage, made load-in very easy." Richard later played there with The Preachers)
Feb. 23 Night Flight, Savannah
Feb. 24 Hanging out in Savannah
Feb. 25 Returned to South Florida
Feb. 28 Lonesome Coyote, Pinellas Park
with The Voodoo Idols
March 8 Down Under, Tallahassee
March 9 DAYTIME GIG-FSU, Tallahassee opening for John Lee Hooker (Charlie---"John Lee Hooker had light-colored cotton pants on, you could see right through them. And he had a lot to see. He left after the gig with a couple co-eds...")
March 9 NIGHTTIME-Down Under, Tallahassee
March 15-16 Tobacco Road, Miami with The Chant
and Iko Iko (LAST EGGS GIGS)
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