Lubbock Lights! What the hell was that???

Jimmy Freakin' Johnson, that's what!!!

• Jimmy played in Charlie Pickett & the Eggs, the DT Martyrs, the Chant, the Vidalias, and now the Skylarks, as well as his solo stuff.

• Co-produced the Jody Grind "One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure"

• Co-owner of Safety Net Records, released records by Charlie Pickett, the Essentials, Nouveau Reach, the Bobs, Pat Johnson, and more.

• Roadie/photographer for the Cichlids

Jimmy has been incredibly supportive, generous, patient, and encouraging to Trashfever since we started, very much like he's done with so many individuals and bands for 30 years.

Thanks so much, Jimmy.



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