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Charlie Pickett and the Eggs
  • Live at the Button
    Open 1 (1982)
    Produced by Buck Freeman (Charlie Pickett)
    Charlie Pickett-guitar/slide guitar,vocals
    Johnny Salton-guitar
    Dave Froshnider-bass,vocals
    Johnny "Sticks" Galway-drums
    Track Listing-American Travelust/Please Don't Touch/Feelin'/Motorbike/Mister You're A Better Man Than I/Watch Out/Shake Some Action/If This Is Love/Tallahassee Lassie/Lonesome Cowboy Bill/Doreen/Slow Death/Phantom Train
  • Cowboy Junkie Au-Go-Go
    Open Records (1984)
    Charlie Pickett-guitar/slide guitar,vocals
    Johnny Salton-guitar
    Dave Froshnider-bass,vocals
    Johnny "Sticks" Galway-drums
    Track Listing-Marlboro Country/But I Didn't/Overtown/Trash Fever/Liked It A Lot
  • Tuned Up And Howlin'
    Jaxpax Records (1983) West Germany
    same as Live At The Button (Phantom Train) and same as If This Is Love single (studio tracks)
    Track Listing-If This Is Love (studio)/Slow Death (studio)/Phantom Train (live with overdubbed vocal)

  • Feelin' b/w White Light/White Heat
    Open Records (1981)
    Produced by Tony Mancino & Charlie Pickett
    Charlie Pickett-Vocals,guitar
    Barry Elliot-Guitar,vocals
    Ken Lindahl-Bass
    Leigh Stoner-Drums
  • If This is Love...Can I Get My Money Back? b/w Slow Death
    Open Records (1981)
    Produced by Charlie Pickett
    Charlie Pickett-Vocals,guitar
    Barry Elliot-Guitar,vocals
    David Shibler-Bass
    Leigh Stoner-Drums

Charlie Pickett
  • Route 33
    Twin/Tone 8665 (1986) Available at Twin/Tone
    Produced by Chris Osgood
    Charlie Pickett-Vocals
    Eric Hohn, Lianne Smith-Backing Vox
    Charlie Pickett, Jim Duckworth, Chris Osgood, Dave Froshnider-Guitar
    Eric Hohn, Marco Pettit-Bass
    Eric Hohn-Harmonica
    Johnny "Sticks" Galway, Bob Joslyn, Moe Tucker-Drums
    Johnny "Sticks" Galway, Moe Tucker-Percussion
    Track Listing-A. On Horseback/All Love All Gone/Heads Up-Heels Down/Tarwater/ Cowboy No. 77/Phantom Train/Seka's Wedding/Remember Every Moment/Meigs County

  • Bar Band Americanus
    Bloodshoot 154 (2008)
    Charlie Pickett-Vocals
    Debbie DeNeese, Brenda Bartholomay, Eric Hohn, Lianne Smith-Backing Vox
    Charlie Pickett, Johnny Salton, Jim Duckworth, Chris Osgood, Dave Froshnider, Peter Buck-Guitar
    Eric Hohn, Marco Pettit, Eddie O'Brien, John Ross, Dave Shibler-Bass
    Eric Hohn-Harmonica
    Leigh Stoner, Johnny "Sticks" Galway, F. Clarke Martty, Bob Joslyn, Mike Vullo-Drums
    Johnny "Sticks" Galway-Percussion
    Track Listing-All Love All Gone/Get Off on Your Porch/Liked It A Lot/In The Wilderness/Cowboy No. 77/Penny Instead/A. on Horseback/Overtown/Marlboro Country/On The River in '59/Death Letter/Heads Up-Heels Down/But I Didn't/If This is Love, Can I Get My Money Back?/Slow Death/American Travelust/Phantom Train/Watch Out/Shake Some Action

    Bar Band Americanus Reviews

Charlie Pickett & the MC3
  • The Wilderness
    Safety Net 15 (1988)
    Produced by Peter Buck
    Vocals-Charlie Pickett, Johnny Salton (Religion Or Pleasure)
    Guitar-Charlie Pickett, Johnny Salton, Peter Buck (Death Letter, John the Revelator)
    Bass-Marco Pettit
    Drums-F. Clarke Martty, Johnny "Sticks" Galway?
    Track Listing-In The Wilderness/Religion Or Pleasure/Death Letter/Party Till Noon/ On The River In '59/Tell Me (That You Don't)/Destry Rides Again/John The Revelator/ If This Is Love/Four Wise Men
Bobby Tak Charlie Pickett
  • All Love All Gone/In the Wilderness (2009)
  • What I Like About Miami Version 2 (2012)
Charlie Pickett Guest Appearances
  • Spanish Dogs - Mangol le'gan (1983)
    Guitar on "Shark"
  • Ian Hammond and Sins Of Soul - Last of the Martyrs (1990)
    Slide Guitar on "Hit My Stride"
  • Psycho Daisies--30 milligrams (1990)
    Vocals on "Religion or Pleasure"
  • Psychic Fair--Path of Least Resistance (2000)
    Lead Vocal and Slide on "Addicted"
  • Land That Time Forgot
    Open Records (1982)
    Phantom Train (studio version)
  • Bang Zoom Cassette Magazine (1982)
    Phantom Train (studio version)
  • Jukebox Cassette
    Jeterboy Records (1983)
    Roostering With Intent, Live at the Button, with lead vocal overdubbed later
  • Killed by Florida Bootleg (1998)
    Trash Fever
  • The Charlie Pickett Open Records Radio Hour
    Moss Music CD-R (2003)
    First 2 singles: Studio version of Phantom Train and
    Button version of Slow Death
  • Pete's Picks
    Moss Music CD-R (2003)
    Heads Up Heels Down
  • Memorial Reunion Concert Sheila Witkin
    Compilation given to VIPs of the first Sheila Witkin Memorial Concert (2007)
    Rosie and Billy, Penny Instead
  • South Florida Rockers-Dancing in the Combat Zone
    Whateverway (2008)
    To the Troops (We Love You So)
  • Bear Family Records 35th Anniversary Tribute Compilation
    Bear Records (2010)
    What I Like About Miami (version 1)
  • Greatest Ever! Country Rock The Definitive Collection
    Union Square Music (2013)
    Marlboro Country

Psycho Daisies
(note--all Psycho Daisies releases available at Psychodaisies.com)
  • Pushin' Up Daisies
    Sublapse (1985)
    Produced by Bob Rupe and Psycho Daisies
    Dave Froshnider-Guitar, Vocals
    Johnny Salton-Guitar, Vocals (In Doubt)
    Marco Pettit-Bass
    Johnny "Sticks" Galway-Drums
    Track Listing-Did It For Her/Kill Or Be Killed/Blew Me Away/Get Off On Your Porch/ Doesn't Come Around/In Doubt/Wrap Your Arms Around Me

  • Sonicly Speaking
    Resonance import 08905-2 (1989)
    Produced by Johnny Salton and Bob Wlos
    Johnny Salton-Guitar, Vocals
    Marco Pettit-Bass, Vocals, Drums on Caged Bird Sings and Bad Amusements
    Johnny "Sticks" Galway-Drums
    Vocals-Roger Deering
    Track Listing-Rubber Legs/Spider Baby/Dead Wood/What Ya Gonna Do About It?/ Demolition Daze/She Went Shopping/Caged Bird Sings/Bad Amusements

  • 30 Milligrams Of Your Love
    Resonance import 19017-2 (1990)
    Produced By Johnny Salton
    Johnny Salton-Guitar, Vocals, Bass on title track,Welcome To Nowhere, and Love Supreme
    Marco Pettit-Bass, Vocals on She Takes Love and Went To Sleep
    Pete Moss-Drums
    Charlie Pickett-Vocals on Religion Or Pleasure
    Track Listing-Lover Girl/30 Milligrams Of Your Love/She Takes Love/Welcome To Nowhere/ Went To Sleep/Religion Or Pleasure/Too Much Fun/Love Supreme

  • It's No Fun To Be Paranoid
    Psycho Daisies PD3134 (2001)
    Produced by the Psycho Daisies
    Johnny Salton-Guitar, Vocals, Bongos
    Jill Kahn-Bass
    Billy Ritchie-Piano, Keyboards
    Bobby Gold-Drums
    Bob Wlos-Pedal Steel Guitar
    Track Listing-Hot Rod Starfire/New Black Dress/Shelley's Blues/Some People/Bad Amusements/ Death Letter/Where's Marco/Outa Time Outa Place/123rd Street Stomp/ It's No Fun To Be Paranoid/Swamp Song

  • Snowflakes Falling On The International Dateline
    Psycho Daisies PD9463 (2003)
    Recorded and Mixed by Johnny Salton and Bob Wlos
    Johnny Salton-Guitar, Vocals
    Jill Kahn-Bass
    Billy Ritchie-Keyboards
    Scotty Upton-Drums
    Bobby Gold-Drums on Curse Of Rock & Roll and Home Is Where You Live
    Track Listing-Curse Of Rock & Roll/How You Feel/Alien Overdrive/I'm Down Today/ Losin' Touch With My Mind/Shade Tree Mechanic/Space Traveler/Just Because/ Lights Are Changing/She's Like Heroin/Home Is Where You Live

  • Welcome to Nowhere
    Psycho Daisies (2006)
    Compiled by Jeff Schwier
    Recorded by Bill Henry
    Johnny Salton-Guitar, vocals
    Dave Froshnider-Guitar, vocals
    Marco Pettit-Bass, vocals
    John Galway-Drums, vocals
    Dave Kanovsky-Bass?
    Track Listing-Heroin Hootenanny/ I Can't Stand It/Did It for Her/Happy/I Went Walking Doesn't Come Around/Burnin the Candle/Lover Girl Get Off On Your Porch/Kill or be Killed/Trash Fever/I Can't Waste No Time Sally Can't Dance/Bless Me Father/An Axe to Grind You Don't Scare Me/Bald Headed Woman/Memories/You're Gonna Miss my Love Someday/Blew Me Away
  • Return From Blood Island
    Psycho Daisies (2008)
    Engineered by Johnny Salton and Tracey Yauch
    Produced by Psycho Daisies
    Johnny Salton-Guitars
    Lisa Nash-Vocals
    Jill Kahn-Bass
    Billy Ritchie-Keys/Piano
    Robert Johnston-Drums
    Track Listing-We Are Strong/S.C.U.M. Manifesto/Oceanhead/ Hellhound/Out of Your Mind/Shame for the Angels/Karen's Return From Blood Island/Tumbling Down/ Needle in the Camel's Eye/Went to Sleep/Love You 'Til the End
  • Midnight Records Christmas Compilation (1986)
    Santa is Comin' Down Again
  • Pete's Picks-Moss Music CD-R (2003)
    Went to Sleep
  • Ratcage Sampler Volume I (2003)
    New Black Dress
John Salton Guest Appearances
  • Psychic Fair - Path of Least Resistance (2000)
    lead guitar on 9 songs